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COMM-PRO® Helmet kit for driver

SKU: 459-29
€ 250,00 € 190,00 (excluding 21% VAT)

Complete kit for integral helmet. this kit plugs into the COMM-PRO 4G Car data station.


  • 3.5 jack headset, Stressfree rotating earplugs.
  • Spiral cable including noise cancelling dynamic microphone and 3.5 female Jack (for rotating earplugs)
  • Soundz® Silicone Earplugs (2 pairs of sizes M + L)
  • Including set filters (if you wis wearing the earplugs only for noise protection)
  • 3M Velcro tape and cable clip for mounting COMM-PRO® headset
  • Travel zipper case
  • Alcohol Cleaning towel
  • Instruction manual

Specifications Earplugs:

2 pair of Silicone “in-ear canal” Earplugs including replaceable noise filters with noise reduction rate of -24 dB (1 set Medium plugs and 1 set Large plugs). 

  • Full protection from outside noises with Noise Reduction Rate of -24 dB;
  • Filters can be exchanged with COMM-PRO® headset due to special adapters;
  • Resistant to dust, sweat and water;
  • Comfortable and reusable;
  • No plugged up feeling;
  • They can be cleaned and disinfected with Water, Disinfectant wipes and spray;
  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100% organic material;
  • Safety standards, certified To CE and ANSI standards;
  • 1 year warranty.


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